Where does the heart of a photographer begin? For me it started in grade school where I began to draw and received accolades for my rendition of Snoopy, Charlie Brown's faithful dog. By the time I was thirteen I had begun formal art lessons and became proficient with pastels. Doing animal and human portraits was my passion which I continued into early adulthood. In my early thirties I was invited to take part in a snow-carving competition in Winnipeg with a team from Ely, MN, my home town. Carving blocks of snow into beautiful sculptures fulfilled my artistic hunger for about ten years. In 2003 I was hired as the Canoe Master for camp Widjiwagan and my artistic skills took on a new task. Forming wood into canoes became my artistic outlet.

Over the years I enjoyed taking photos of family and local wildlife with a Nikon film camera we splurged on with remaining dollars after my tuition was paid for at the local community college in 1983. My first lens was 50 mm f1.4. Those were the days of film and developing costs and patience. In 2004 I was able to purchase a DSLR Nikon D70 with a tax return. Eventually I purchased a Nikon D7000 and began to seriously study the art of photography. My current camera is a Nikon D750 full frame professional camera and my favorite lenses are the Nikon 70-200 f2.8 for those great portraits, the Nikon 105 macro f2.8 for those fantastic close-ups and the Sigma 120-300 f2.8 for when I need to reach out and touch something. Capturing the photo you want, is my greatest joy. Let's work together to make it happen. 

Married to my best friend Nancy since 1980.