God is good.

using my micro Nikon 105mm lens to try to capture a single snowflake. a tribute pod is a must and many attempts. It always blows my mind that there are no 2 alike, what creativity My God has. Mighty but yet so gentle 

January Thaw

It's not very often that in January in northern Minnesota that you get a warm day to offer one single drop to form. On this very warm Sunday afternoon offered that rare day. this image was taken with the Nikon D750 with the 105mm Macro lens f14 125th of a sec. even though this day is above zero and hints of warmer days to comet's still January and the mega cold will soon appear but it was nice for this little drop to appear offering the hope of things to come.

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A Day in the Life

It isn't often that guests like these come wandering though the neighborhood. After a morning of hauling brush my wife and I drove down the alley to our home and these two beauties were just browsing in the neighbors yard. Did I have my camera with me? No- lesson learned. Drove home, grabbed the camera and captured this photo. Nikon D750 with 70-200 f2.8. 

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